Okay, some of these might not be thatfunny, but that’s fine with me.

  1. Tidying up my bed. Gives me a positive sense of accomplishment, quick and easy.
  2. Exercising before work. Simple sit-up, push-up, light exercises like that. Gets my engines ready.
  3. Combing my hair. I have a rather long, chaotic hair. Getting them combed literally keeps my head light.
  4. Ensuring myself I smell okay (may or may not involve bath).
  5. Not being too full and/or hungry.
  6. Resting often (I’m doing the 30-10 method, i.e.: 30 mins of work and 10 mins of reward times for resting/gaming etc.).
  7. Logging off Gaim. Instant-messaging is the mother of all distraction!
  8. Listening to songs that I listened during succesful/happy times. I played Alter Bridge’s Broken Wing a lot while finishing a rather complicated application a few months ago, and listening to it now echoes that sense of victory back into my mind.
  9. Talking to my mom about whatever. Having someone who is just plain nice and who won’t bother you about deadlines/revisions/work definitely helps a lot!

Reducing Your Website’s Bandwidth Usage. I do realize the irony that my linking to their page doesn’t help them saving bandwidth usage.

America — the end of an empire.

Top 10 most beautiful blog designs.

List of 100 oldest, currently registered, domain names. The oldest one is registered the day I was born! Coolness.

List of all the crazy ideas people have for their 404 page.

Archspace. Online game I’m into these days.

Five Essential Plugins You Shouldn’t WordPress Without. The URL says six, but it’s actually five.

Big GTD Index. It’s like a world map, but for GTD.

Top 10 SEO mistakes and what to do to correct it.

I’m learning GTD from Zen Habits. My first attempt is by doing the anti-procrastination, 30-10 method. Been working quite well right now.

Is Israel falling apart? Quite possibly, I should say.

Why IT sucks. Enlightenment.

Changing the web at (age) 21. Kinda makes me think.

These are some of the websites that I’ve used to aid me in designing websites. This list will be updated frequently.

Magazines, Knowledge Bases, General Tools

  1. A List Apart. Obviously.
  2. Digital Web.
  3. Particletree.
  4. Web Accessibility Tools Consortium.
  5. Think Vitamin.
  6. Secrets of Self Taught Web Developers: 115 Resources to Help You Develop on the Web. (Just don’t leave yet, okay.)
  7. W3Schools Online Web Tutorial.
  8. CSS resources from Max Design.
  9. Useful Cheatsheets on many different topics (including xHTML, CSS, JavaScript).

Layout and Design Samples

  1. Open Web Design.
  2. CSS Tinderbox: Open Source Design Templates.
  3. Layout-o-Matic.


  1. Typetester. Online screen type tester.
  2. The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web. A must read.
  3. Charles Hedric’s Typography resource.
  4. Accessible Web Typography – an introduction for web designers.
  5. All about fonts for captions and subtitles.
  6. em calculator.


  1. Color Schemer, free color scheme sharing website.
  2. Adobe’s Kuler.
  3. Colour Contrast Analyser.
  4. Colour Lovers.
  5. Color Jack: Sphere.
  6. A crash course in color theory.

Inspiration & Galleries

  1. CSS Zen Garden.
  2. CSS Gallery.
  3. Stylegala.
  4. Fuzzy Future’s50 sources for web design inspiration


  1. Frequently updated list of free icons.
  2. @icon sushi, icon converter.

Validation & Testing

  1. HTML validator.
  2. CSS Validator.
  3. Total Validator’s service. HTML validation, accessibility, various browsers screenshot generation, spell-checking, broken-link check, and then some. Highly recommended!
  4. Safari test at Browsrcamp.


  1. Smashing Magazine’s list of CSS based forms resources.


  1. sIFR: Scalable Inman Flash Replacement. Replace any text with a swf replacement in any font-face you want.
  2. swfIR: swf Image Replacement.

The Sages

  1. Jeffrey Zeldman.
  2. Eric Meyer.
  3. Jason Santa Maria.
  4. Eric Meyer.
  5. Dave Shea.
  6. Dan Cederholm.

US soldiers kill 16 innocent civilians in revenge attack. Also read AP‘s report. One other reason that hell must exist.

4 Steps To Effective Web Design Pricing. So. Useful.

How to sound intelligent, powerful, polished, articulate, and confident. I don’t talk much, so I think this is a great resource.

The story of a man let go by IBM, and carry on life by selling unicycles online (which by now had already grown into the world’s largest retailer of unicycles). And later, banjo. I guess I wouldn’t mind selling things as obscure as a unicycle as well if I get to be the number one seller. Inspiring.

A site devoted to listing trademarked sentences. Go. Just do it! (okay, that’s lame).

Are you Googlelized? I’m using GMail and search (obviously). How about you?

10 Reasons I Didn’t Start a MySpace Account. This guy needs ten. My reason would be something as simple as, “because it’s myspace”.

Fanboy Proposes to Girlfriend with Dashboard Widget . I don’t think it’s a good idea. The ease of doing it is a plus, though.

Plan on excavating Blackbeard’s ship? Arrrr!

Scientists Use Bacteria to Store Data. Wouldn’t that be cool? Data is encoded into their DNA, so when your BacteriaDrive died, you could recover the data from the bacteria’s descendant (be sure you let them replicate before). Wow, now I’m thinking some weird sci-fi scenarios.

Standards-compliant: The web equivalent of “Yeah, but she sure can cook”. As much as I love creating standards-compliant website, I couldn’t disagree.

The pi website. Ridi.culo.us. Don’t forget to go there and see your address bar.

7 Helpful Tips To Immediately Increase Your Confidence. I dig the Mickey Mouse idea.

Michael Jackson confirmed his conversion to Islam. I can only pray for the best.

Cracker inserts security exploit code into WordPress 2.1.1, people advised to upgrade immediately to WordPress 2.1.2.

Top 10 Worst Marketing Gaffes, Flops, and Disasters. Learn how big companies (also, Bill Gates) handle embarassing moments.

First CRM for Google Apps came out recently. But, of course, the geek in me is waiting for 37signalsHighrise.

One of those questions I wish I had asked: Why is the alphabet in alphabetical order?

Sociable 2.0 is out, like, a month ago. Not like I’m going to be using the WordPress plugin much, and I know some people dislikes the tons of “Subscribe to..” icon after a post, but it can be useful.

Still from push.cx, a simple two steps test for you to find out which Windows Vista version you should buy.

A Startup Idea Postmortem: Proof That Good Ideas Aren’t Always Good Business. Helpful insight.

If I were a boss, I’d like to write a note like this one to my employee. If I were an employee, I would love to get a note like that from my boss. Maybe that’s why I’m freelancing right now.

13 things that don’t make sense. Dark matter, cold fusion, Viking’s methane, to mention some.

Top 10 (Mac) web development applications. Will be sure to check back here once I own a Mac. Soon, hopefully, insha Allah.

This one is really good, list of advertisings that makes you laugh/think. I wish I have half the creativity of the people who create these ads.

This guy said he didn’t want a Mac anymore. I have learned that his accelerating mouse problem can be solved, but I do share the same problem with him about small things on-screen. But I still want a Mac. Preferably with bigger screen.

Happy Cog redesigns Aiga. The new redesign smells Jason Santa Maria very strongly. The guy sure have character.

swfIR: Think sifr, but for images instead of text. Not sure if I’m going to use them in the near-future, but will still be useful. Also, awesome logo and site design.

Color Schemer‘s color scheme sharing site. I am sure there’s this other color scheme website, but can’t remember where. So, at least for now, I’m lurking around the former site. Also,their ColorPix application is the answer to my dumb, “PrintScreen-Paste in Photoshop-Get the RGB for that particular color” habit. Always useful.

Americans more likely to approve of terrorism than those in the Muslim world. So much for all the ignorant insults to my religion, you all. Once people start relating Muslims with terrorism, I’ll be sure to show them this link.

Why the color pink is a figment of your imagination. There is no pink. A wonderful read on the workings of our brain. Subhanallah.

Fibrodisco sounds great. But no to Exaagra. Meet your own future startup’s name here. Hint: Just pray they don’t come out with something silly next time you reload.

According to this blog post in neomeme, SearchMash might just be how Google (the search engine, not the empire) is going to behave in the future. I’m definitely using the site right now, since it’s pretty useful (play around yourself).

How to survive (and thrive) in a job you hate. I don’t hate my job, but maybe this article may come in handy someday.

It says the web’s best interface design. There’s no way for me to check them all (especially for sites like Joyent), but I think it’s a useful read anyway.

A nice logo design and history lesson from Logo Orange. Haven’t read them all, but will be sure to do so.