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Freebase. Might really, really, really want to remember this. Wikipedia: Wikia Inc to wipe Google and Yahoo into dust on search?. Jordan’s King Abdullah delivered a remarkable address to a rare joint session of Congress and how much ink does the Washington Post give it: not one single word. A transcript of the King’s interview […]

I’m guilty for procrastinating. And I hate that! The time I waste procrastinating is the time I don’t spend with people I care/books I want to read/deeds I’d rather be doing. But it’s very hard to fight! First, for those in the dark, here’s the Wikipedia entry on procrastination. The Causes of Procrastination And How […]

Reducing Your Website’s Bandwidth Usage. I do realize the irony that my linking to their page doesn’t help them saving bandwidth usage. America — the end of an empire. Top 10 most beautiful blog designs. List of 100 oldest, currently registered, domain names. The oldest one is registered the day I was born! Coolness. List […]

US soldiers kill 16 innocent civilians in revenge attack. Also read AP‘s report. One other reason that hell must exist. 4 Steps To Effective Web Design Pricing. So. Useful. How to sound intelligent, powerful, polished, articulate, and confident. I don’t talk much, so I think this is a great resource. The story of a man […]

Michael Jackson confirmed his conversion to Islam. I can only pray for the best. Cracker inserts security exploit code into WordPress 2.1.1, people advised to upgrade immediately to WordPress 2.1.2. Top 10 Worst Marketing Gaffes, Flops, and Disasters. Learn how big companies (also, Bill Gates) handle embarassing moments. First CRM for Google Apps came out […]