An Intergalactic Short Story


I can’t remember how long we’ve been inside this Local Fluff, but does that matter anyway? It won’t be too long before this funky, rainless cloud gets off of us.

Not too long, anyway, if you compare to the current scheduled date for the Milky Way-Andromeda collaboration concert. Oh, how I wish I could be there to see such spectacular phenomenon!

Ah well, back to work now. Gotta work hard if we’re to find somewhere else to live, hopefully close enough, around our own Local Group. Can’t get too careless here, lest ol’ slumbering dragon, Sagittarius A*, might decide to go rampant on us all, sucking our very existence into oblivion.

But worry not, if we’re lucky our dragon friend will reach us in the next few Googol years, so by this weekend I believe we can sit back and enjoy our vacation down the Magellanic Stream.

Whaddya think? Will the kids love it?

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