One Icon A Day: Silveriecon


Update (12 March 2007): Go here for the official page of Silveriecon. Updates will be done there.

Okay, so I have a new project. From this day onwards, I will be creating one icon everyday, in hope that it will grow into a collection of icons that everyone can use for free (it will be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License).

This is my first attempt of creating set icons, and for the first project I will be naming it Silveriecon. Basically Silveriecon is a 16×16, (not surprisingly) silver-flavored icon set. I already started today and I created not one, not two, but ten twenty-two icons today!

I love breaking my own rules.

Anyways,  I just found out that this free account does not allow uploading of zip contents, so I will have to either upload the files to the many free file-uploading service out there, or I host it in my own space.Either way, I guess I will have to go find that upload space right now. No downloadables now, but will be soon.

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