070307 Elsewhere: Procrastination Battle Edition


I’m guilty for procrastinating. And I hate that! The time I waste procrastinating is the time I don’t spend with people I care/books I want to read/deeds I’d rather be doing. But it’s very hard to fight!

First, for those in the dark, here’s the Wikipedia entry on procrastination.

The Causes of Procrastination And How To Conquer Them

Ultimate Procrastination Guide.

Procrastination hack: “(10+2)*5”.

Conscious Procrastination.

Kick procrastination’s ass: Run a dash.

Design your own Anti-Procrastination Plan.

My Procrastination Hacks

Pro-Active Steps to Prevent Procrastination.


5 ways of breaking the procrastination habit.


The 50-30-20 rule.

Productivity Tip #2: ButterFly Stroke Productivity.

GTD: 2006.48: rediscovering focus.

Unrelated links below:

Google Desktop 5 beta.

Supertask, a task occurring within a finite interval of time involving infinitely many steps (subtasks).

Thinking about the way your muscles work could physically boost your strength, research suggests.

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