9 Funny Things that Contribute in Increasing My Productivity


Okay, some of these might not be thatfunny, but that’s fine with me.

  1. Tidying up my bed. Gives me a positive sense of accomplishment, quick and easy.
  2. Exercising before work. Simple sit-up, push-up, light exercises like that. Gets my engines ready.
  3. Combing my hair. I have a rather long, chaotic hair. Getting them combed literally keeps my head light.
  4. Ensuring myself I smell okay (may or may not involve bath).
  5. Not being too full and/or hungry.
  6. Resting often (I’m doing the 30-10 method, i.e.: 30 mins of work and 10 mins of reward times for resting/gaming etc.).
  7. Logging off Gaim. Instant-messaging is the mother of all distraction!
  8. Listening to songs that I listened during succesful/happy times. I played Alter Bridge’s Broken Wing a lot while finishing a rather complicated application a few months ago, and listening to it now echoes that sense of victory back into my mind.
  9. Talking to my mom about whatever. Having someone who is just plain nice and who won’t bother you about deadlines/revisions/work definitely helps a lot!

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