070306 Elsewhere


Reducing Your Website’s Bandwidth Usage. I do realize the irony that my linking to their page doesn’t help them saving bandwidth usage.

America — the end of an empire.

Top 10 most beautiful blog designs.

List of 100 oldest, currently registered, domain names. The oldest one is registered the day I was born! Coolness.

List of all the crazy ideas people have for their 404 page.

Archspace. Online game I’m into these days.

Five Essential Plugins You Shouldn’t WordPress Without. The URL says six, but it’s actually five.

Big GTD Index. It’s like a world map, but for GTD.

Top 10 SEO mistakes and what to do to correct it.

I’m learning GTD from Zen Habits. My first attempt is by doing the anti-procrastination, 30-10 method. Been working quite well right now.

Is Israel falling apart? Quite possibly, I should say.

Why IT sucks. Enlightenment.

Changing the web at (age) 21. Kinda makes me think.

3 Responses to “070306 Elsewhere”

  1. Thanks for the mention! Great set of links!

  2. Thanks for the link. You’re write the URL says 6 plugins but the title says 5. That’s because at the last moment I decided to omit Adsense Deluxe from this list.

  3. Actually that’s cool about the six/five thingie 🙂 I also have a post here where the URL says 8 but the title actually says 9.

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