My big list of web design resources


These are some of the websites that I’ve used to aid me in designing websites. This list will be updated frequently.

Magazines, Knowledge Bases, General Tools

  1. A List Apart. Obviously.
  2. Digital Web.
  3. Particletree.
  4. Web Accessibility Tools Consortium.
  5. Think Vitamin.
  6. Secrets of Self Taught Web Developers: 115 Resources to Help You Develop on the Web. (Just don’t leave yet, okay.)
  7. W3Schools Online Web Tutorial.
  8. CSS resources from Max Design.
  9. Useful Cheatsheets on many different topics (including xHTML, CSS, JavaScript).

Layout and Design Samples

  1. Open Web Design.
  2. CSS Tinderbox: Open Source Design Templates.
  3. Layout-o-Matic.


  1. Typetester. Online screen type tester.
  2. The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web. A must read.
  3. Charles Hedric’s Typography resource.
  4. Accessible Web Typography – an introduction for web designers.
  5. All about fonts for captions and subtitles.
  6. em calculator.


  1. Color Schemer, free color scheme sharing website.
  2. Adobe’s Kuler.
  3. Colour Contrast Analyser.
  4. Colour Lovers.
  5. Color Jack: Sphere.
  6. A crash course in color theory.

Inspiration & Galleries

  1. CSS Zen Garden.
  2. CSS Gallery.
  3. Stylegala.
  4. Fuzzy Future’s50 sources for web design inspiration


  1. Frequently updated list of free icons.
  2. @icon sushi, icon converter.

Validation & Testing

  1. HTML validator.
  2. CSS Validator.
  3. Total Validator’s service. HTML validation, accessibility, various browsers screenshot generation, spell-checking, broken-link check, and then some. Highly recommended!
  4. Safari test at Browsrcamp.


  1. Smashing Magazine’s list of CSS based forms resources.


  1. sIFR: Scalable Inman Flash Replacement. Replace any text with a swf replacement in any font-face you want.
  2. swfIR: swf Image Replacement.

The Sages

  1. Jeffrey Zeldman.
  2. Eric Meyer.
  3. Jason Santa Maria.
  4. Eric Meyer.
  5. Dave Shea.
  6. Dan Cederholm.

One Response to “My big list of web design resources”

  1. Wow, great list there. I had heard of 80% of them but the other 20% are really good as well!

    -Artical Dugg!

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