070303 Elsewhere


Michael Jackson confirmed his conversion to Islam. I can only pray for the best.

Cracker inserts security exploit code into WordPress 2.1.1, people advised to upgrade immediately to WordPress 2.1.2.

Top 10 Worst Marketing Gaffes, Flops, and Disasters. Learn how big companies (also, Bill Gates) handle embarassing moments.

First CRM for Google Apps came out recently. But, of course, the geek in me is waiting for 37signalsHighrise.

One of those questions I wish I had asked: Why is the alphabet in alphabetical order?

Sociable 2.0 is out, like, a month ago. Not like I’m going to be using the WordPress plugin much, and I know some people dislikes the tons of “Subscribe to..” icon after a post, but it can be useful.

Still from push.cx, a simple two steps test for you to find out which Windows Vista version you should buy.

A Startup Idea Postmortem: Proof That Good Ideas Aren’t Always Good Business. Helpful insight.

If I were a boss, I’d like to write a note like this one to my employee. If I were an employee, I would love to get a note like that from my boss. Maybe that’s why I’m freelancing right now.

13 things that don’t make sense. Dark matter, cold fusion, Viking’s methane, to mention some.

Top 10 (Mac) web development applications. Will be sure to check back here once I own a Mac. Soon, hopefully, insha Allah.

This one is really good, list of advertisings that makes you laugh/think. I wish I have half the creativity of the people who create these ads.

This guy said he didn’t want a Mac anymore. I have learned that his accelerating mouse problem can be solved, but I do share the same problem with him about small things on-screen. But I still want a Mac. Preferably with bigger screen.


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