070302 Elsewhere


Happy Cog redesigns Aiga. The new redesign smells Jason Santa Maria very strongly. The guy sure have character.

swfIR: Think sifr, but for images instead of text. Not sure if I’m going to use them in the near-future, but will still be useful. Also, awesome logo and site design.

Color Schemer‘s color scheme sharing site. I am sure there’s this other color scheme website, but can’t remember where. So, at least for now, I’m lurking around the former site. Also,their ColorPix application is the answer to my dumb, “PrintScreen-Paste in Photoshop-Get the RGB for that particular color” habit. Always useful.

Americans more likely to approve of terrorism than those in the Muslim world. So much for all the ignorant insults to my religion, you all. Once people start relating Muslims with terrorism, I’ll be sure to show them this link.

Why the color pink is a figment of your imagination. There is no pink. A wonderful read on the workings of our brain. Subhanallah.

Fibrodisco sounds great. But no to Exaagra. Meet your own future startup’s name here. Hint: Just pray they don’t come out with something silly next time you reload.

According to this blog post in neomeme, SearchMash might just be how Google (the search engine, not the empire) is going to behave in the future. I’m definitely using the site right now, since it’s pretty useful (play around yourself).

How to survive (and thrive) in a job you hate. I don’t hate my job, but maybe this article may come in handy someday.

It says the web’s best interface design. There’s no way for me to check them all (especially for sites like Joyent), but I think it’s a useful read anyway.

A nice logo design and history lesson from Logo Orange. Haven’t read them all, but will be sure to do so.


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